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Dear Patwin Parents and Guardians,

Welcome back from what we hope was a wonderful and restful summer.

In an effort to share the load of our many school-wide volunteer positions this year, we are taking a Potluck Approach to volunteering. Every family is invited to participate in all of the school-wide events throughout the year. Just as in a potluck, we ask each family to contribute one thing (in the form of one volunteer position at one of the events). There are positions for every family and work situation - positions that can be done from home in the evening, or on a weekend, or whenever it works. Please click on the class link for your child's classroom and sign up for the position that most interests you and best fits your schedule. Thank you for helping make it a great year!

Click on the Link for Your Child’s Classroom to Sign Up for this Year’s School-wide Volunteer Positions:



1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

6th Grade

BLC class

The Patwin PTA and Patwin Climate Committee on behalf of our students, staff, and teachers