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What is Measure M? and What does it mean for Patwin?

Patwin’s facilities were evaluated and recommendations were made for the first round of improvements (which you can check out here) . Strategic fencing is in the first phase of the the Measure M projects at Patwin, as well as other Elementary Schools in town. The current plan is to fence in the core of the school. The interior fencing would run parallel to some of walkways and Arroyo park would be accessible through gates that would be locked and unlocked during school hours. Within the next months, the school’s site team (principal and staff) as well as the parent community will be asked for their input on this important project as it will affect the school climate. The date(s) of these meetings have not been scheduled yet. We will keep the Patwin Community informed as we find out more information. We need to make sure that all families are aware of the proposed plans and voice their opinion and ideas.

Proposed Patwin Improvement Projects

The following Group 1 projects are planned to occur at Patwin:

  1. All-gender restroom signage
  2. Hydration stations
  3. Strategic fencing (including raising the existing kindergarten fencing to 6’ which will occur the next few months))
  4. HVAC engineering drawings in anticipation of future State facilities funding (drawings have been completed)

That is all of the Patwin work that is planned within the $225MM Bond program. The Facilities Master Plan includes additional work at Patwin, but that work would require future local bond measure to complete.

Parent Input Wanted!

Most importantly, the DJUSD board needs to hear from you, the Parents and Teachers on how these proposed changes will improve, or impinge, our school climate. Email them at

How to get involved:

More Details On Patwin Improvements

Measure M school facilities bond was approved by the voters in 2018 to “update classrooms, science/innovation labs, and facilities to meet current academic standards, improve accessibility for students, upgrade school safety/security, keep schools well-maintained, and modernize classroom learning technology”.

More Info On Measure M

What is Strategic Fencing?

Strategic Fencing, General Information:
Installation of limited security fencing at all school sites. The primary goal of DJUSD strategic fencing project is to secure the core of each school campus from unauthorized visitors while maintaining the right balance between community access and site security for each unique campus and community.

A community input process, beginning with staff at each school campus, is an essential component of this process. DJUSD is cognizant that any change to facility infrastructure will impact students, staff and our community and, as a result, we will be gathering input through staff meetings, email and public meetings to carefully consider any plans before construction begins. Proposed fence lines will be demarcated on the ground for a time period before construction to allow staff, parents, and community members to better understand where new boundaries are being proposed. A general outline of this project timeline to take place over the next six months to a year is as follows:

More Info from DJUSD