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DJUSD will continue offering intermediate grade students the following music classes in the 2019-20 school year:

The DJUSD music teachers will hold daytime information/demonstration assemblies for students at their respective schools during the first two weeks of school. They will demonstrate different instruments, give information about the program, explain how to enroll and give your child packets to take home. Please watch for the packets and read them carefully.

To enroll your child in a BEGINNING class, you and your child must attend one of the following meetings.

Band Meetings at:

Strings Meetings at:

To enroll your child in a CONTINUING class, complete the forms handed out at the assemblies and return to your school office by the deadlines. YOU DO NOT NEED TO ATTEND A MEETING.

If your child will not be able to participate in the program without the use of a school instrument, district instruments are available. For district band instruments, complete the request attached to the packet that will come home after the school assembly and return by due date on form. For district string instruments, request forms will be available at the parent meetings.

Specific questions may be addressed to the music teachers:

Band & Strings:

Sherie Wall BL, KOR, WIL)



Veronica Tonus (CCE, PAT)



Nancy Sanchez (KOR, WIL)



Clyde Quick (MME, PIO)



Tom Slabaugh (NDE)



Lydia Cooley (NDE, PIO, CCE, PAT, MME)